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As an agent for an ABI client, I already have a team of regulated health professionals working with the client and I don’t want to disrupt these dynamics.

We work with the existing team members to provide the most appropriate rehabilitation services. If required, we can co-ordinate additional assessments to complement the existing team.

Do I need a referral from my doctor?

No. We will send the application forms to you. We may need information from your doctor and we will ask your permission to review your records.

How do I receive services from Step Up! ABI Recovery?

Go to the Apply for Services tab by clicking here.

The individual has limited medical/rehabilitation funds remaining through his automobile insurer. If that individual was admitted to a residential service (through the Step Up! ABI Recovery division), will the client automatically flip to Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care funding when the funds expire?

No. Such flips are not automatic. We will, however, ensure the client’s name is placed on the appropriate waiting list for Ministry funding.

What kind of services do you offer?

For adults 16 years and over, we offer a full package of integrated services ranging from complex, 24-hour, residential care to independent living with outreach support. Only outreach and/or educational services are available for adolescents 13 years and up.

What sets you apart from other ABI rehabilitation programs?

We are able to provide a complete and comprehensive package of services that enables clients to progress through various stages of recovery. We provide everything from complex, 24-hour, residential care, to transitional semi-independent living, to independent living supported by community programs and group support systems. More than a quarter century of experience in the brain injury rehabilitation field has earned us official designation as “Exemplary” from Accreditation Canada, signifying that we have surpassed rigorous national standards of excellence in quality care and service are an example to others of best practices in brain injury rehabilitation. Clinical research studies have proven that our rehabilitation programs and techniques work – and as a result, improve the independence and quality of life of those living with acquired brain injuries.


Who can refer a client to Step Up! ABI Recovery?

We accept referrals from clients, their families, lawyers, case managers or any other professional in a position to act on behalf of the client.

Will I have to change my family doctor or other professionals such as physiotherapist, speech therapist or occupational therapist once I start receiving services?

We encourage you to keep your doctor and therapists if they are providing you with the best care. We work with your existing team members to provide the most appropriate rehabilitation services. However, if you do not have a relationship with other healthcare professionals, we can provide those services for you. If required, we can co-ordinate additional assessments to complement the existing team.

Will I have to pay for your services?

The Step Up! ABI Recovery division is a fee-for-service division. But for most clients, funding comes from insurance coverage (e.g., auto insurance, Workers Safety and Insurance Board coverage, etc.).  If you do not have insurance or another source of private funding, and are seeking services through the public health care system, you would apply through our parent division, Brain Injury Services. If this is the case, you should immediately go back to the home page and click on the Brain Injury Services button. Click here for home page.

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